CodeRush Refactor! Pro

From hearing and watching the guys from DNR (dot net rocks) and DRNTV I have decided to try out the DevExpress CodeRush tools. This comes with Refactor! Pro. I must say I am quite impressed. It has all the refactor features from Resharper but with some added benefits.

It has some nice visuals with the refactor capabilities which helps a developer during his coding phases. One thing that stands out is the CodeRush tool panel. I normally dock this on the left hand side (luckily I have a wide screen). This allows you to see what short cut keys and refactor commands are available at any given time. As you type it will also filter the results. This is especially helpful when learning to use CodeRush.

They say that after about 5 days of using this you can increase productivity to about 25%. Must say, its worth a shot.

CodeRush supports refactoring for a large number of technologies including:

  • C#, VB.NET, C++
  • XML (especially nice for config files and WCF configurations)
  • JavaScript

Check it out at

It comes with a 30 day trial.


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